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Exclusible – Luxury NFT Platform

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Remember that time when you couldn’t buy luxury online? Yes, neither do we (or at least we don’t want to remember).

We don’t want to go back to those days when luxury was seen as something unique, physical, and impossible to replicate in the digital atmosphere. Well, for the most skeptical who said luxury would never be digital, we say: think again.

Digital luxury is here to stay and we’re taking digital luxury to a whole new level. Where, you ask?

One word, six letters, one location: Future.

The real battle to reinvent the luxury industry has been around for some time now. It started with a presence on social media and after years in a love-hate relationship, some brands finally invested in e-commerce as a new channel that represents real business opportunities. Some of the big luxury brands thought that would be it and that it was enough to interact with future generations. But then everything changed.

2020 came along and digital became the star of the party. It became clear that digital luxury was the main avenue where all the big brands wanted to shine. All this led us to the magic word, which everyone speaks, but little know what it is: metaverse. In all the news and in the limelight, it is now the dance floor and the opening path for a new audience that is now, more than ever, a leader in the luxury industry. You know who we’re talking about don’t you? Yes, you, the mysterious GenZ.

The new luxury consumer who doesn’t need labels. Who likes quality, but with the right dose of technology. Who likes to explore new worlds. Who likes to challenge brands to step out of the box and make real change in the world in the things that really matter. Are we right, or are we right?

That’s why Exclusible was born.

During an identity crisis facing the luxury industry, Exclusible was born with the ambition to make things different. Combined with the most revolutionary and brilliant technologies, Exclusible is committed to rewriting the future of luxury, combining powerful digital innovations with the most exclusive and desired luxury.

Exclusible went from a dream to reality with the sole purpose of taking the next step towards the luxury industry through digital transformation. Designed to be a premium e-retailer for digital collectible assets in the luxury sector, with Exclusible, collectors can get access to limited edition NFTs and experiences by the world’s most desirable luxury brands across 4 verticals: supercars, watches, fashion, and jewelry.

With a clear mission to write the future of digital luxury, Exclusible is the leading partner of brands on NFTs, enabling them to engage with collectors and fans, and creating collections and experiences across the digital and physical worlds.

More than just an NFT platform and a marketplace for completely digital products, it’s a new way to elevate the new, modern and disruptive luxury and interact with tomorrow’s consumers in the digital world.

In addition to an excellent community with crypto lovers and experts, at Exclusible we have a giant goal and ambition to bring the next 1 million women to the world of luxury NFTs. How do we do it? Redesigning luxury as we know it. Is this an easy task? No, but we are ready for it.

How Exclusible does it? 

Dreaming is not enough. We have to make it happen. And that’s what we did. During our first 2 months in the market, we raised €2.2M to build the global luxury NFT Platform that will definitely bring luxury brands closer to an audience of fans and collectors around the world. So with incredible supporters and investors, a wonderful and talented team of fantastic experts, and a successful network and partnerships: the game is on.

Our platform will be the place where the most fascinating and exquisite luxury brands will shine and share with the community the most exclusive NFT drops. In fact, you don’t have to wait much longer. In mid-October we will launch the Exclusible NFT Collection which will work as a membership card, to offer benefits and rewards on all our future drops.

Exclusible NFT drop

This Exclusible NFT drop is the key to joining the most wanted and exclusive luxury club giving private access and exciting surprises to future holders. The collection will consist of 4 different NFTs (with utilities in 3D and AR giving the possibility to play and move around) and whoever has the complete collection will have access to an extra surprise that will be the key to unlock incredible benefits.

It is impossible not to be curious, right? But as we are friends, you don’t have to wait that long, if you join us in our community on Discord or Telegram channel or register on our Official Website you can peek into the upcoming NFT drop that will be completely unforgettable (don’t say we didn’t warn you ).

So this is us: A company that was born between France and Portugal with a clear mission to be the intersection between luxury and technology. 

We are Exclusible. Also known as the marketplace that will rock the luxury industry.

Luxury fans and collectors around the world,

You’re welcome.

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