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Letter Airdrop

Win 70.000€

At Exclusible we usually say, “to the moon!”

And because we believe that our project will reach the moon, we want to offer our dear and wonderful community an incredible gift ! We are going to airdrop 1000 collectible alphabet letters through various airdrop events in 2022 until one lucky person completes the target word.

The first person to collect all the letters in “E X C L U S I B L E” is automatically eligible to win a prize worth €70,000*!

*All participants are subject to T&C compliance.

In addition to the final prize, our collectibles have other very special benefits. There are 10 letters in “E X C L U S I B L E”. Some letters will be rarer than others and each collected letter promotes you a level. When you reach level 10 you have special benefits, such as being invited to private events, or special access to receive an NFT airdrop from a luxury brand. The higher the level, the higher the reward.

Let’s collect some letters!

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96 letters.


196 letters.