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Exclusible & Apes 3D

Exclusible & Apes 3D to conduct research around Augmented Reality & Metaverse

Exclusible is exploring new ways for luxury brands to create a strong and lasting relationship with their younger customers, through Virtual and Augmented Reality. With this objective in mind, we are happy to announce a new partnership with Apes 3D, the first fully 3D Animated Digital Voxel Art collection of Apes!

Exclusible wants to deliver a distinctive Metaverse experience to brands and consumers and will explore the full potential of Augmented Reality and Metaverse applications with his partner Apes 3D.

What are Apes 3D?

Apes 3D are 1.000 Limited Unique 3D Model characters Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every single Apes 3D NFT is a unique digital hand-made creation, lovingly modeled and painted by the artist alias ApeFather. Each NFT contains a downloadable asset pack of files that can be imported into almost any 3D modeling and animation software.

The Apes 3D Collection is published in so-called Mystery Boxes. The owner of an Apes 3D NFT automatically becomes a member of the collectors’ club and claims exclusive rewards such as the Limited “Ape Backpack” wearable for their metaverse avatar at Decentraland.

Why Exclusible chooses Apes 3D rather than other luxury NFTs collections?

Exclusible’s mission & future is to connect the world’s leading luxury brands to the digital world where the new Millennials and GenZ are.

Contrary to the established Bored Ape Yacht Club, which exists only in traditional 2D images, backed by blockchain technology, Apes 3D has a real and strong utility in AR, VR, and Metaverse.

They exist in AR (you can use them with your phone and animate them dancing on your desk, for example), and also exist as 3D objects that can be imported into almost any 3D modeling & animation software and open games.

Exclusible will be featured in the Decentraland Apes 3D exhibit. This initial phase will be a constructive way to measure the impact that this kind of operation can have in terms of acquisition, branding & retention. Exclusible’s team is seeking new ways to provide luxury brands the most efficient way to acquire & engage with the younger generations, and they believe NFTs, AR & VR are the key to achieving this goal.

Exclusible is building the future of luxury and they think these exportable, interoperable companions are a great way for brands to engage and interact with Millennials & GenZ in an innovative yet efficient way.

Credit : Gucci AR Try-on

The rise of luxury brands present in the Metaverse shows how quickly they are diving into the NFT world and taking the matter with seriousness.

Exclusible is about helping luxury brands build a digital identity through unique luxury NFTs, which they can bring into the metaverse.

The opportunity to embrace the digital future is here and Exclusible is all through the ride. Luxury brands must move forward to the metaverse, the key part of the new digital world we live in. They must create NFTs and digital products to forge a new way for their audience to experience luxury, and connect with them.

Credit: Dior AR Makeup Holiday Look 2020

According to Thibault Launay, CEO of, “This is our first major partnership in the AR/VR space, allowing us to add more utility to the NFTs we are selling on our platform, on top of existing utilities such as access to digital and physical events. We are pioneering the new digital frontier of luxury consumption. In less than 5 years, millions of people will be following this trend.”

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