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Community, find out what we’ve been up to!

Hello, wonderful community 👾

It has been a while since you have heard from us. 

We can say that we have been slightly (very) busy, and now, we can finally share with you everything that we have been up to ! Well, almost everything, a few little secrets, never killed anyone, right?

We did magic money!

We could not start without mentioning our successful 2.2m€ fundraise! It is true, Exclusible raised €2.2M to build the global luxury NFT Platform that will definitely bring luxury brands closer to an audience of fans and collectors around the world. We want to thank our incredible team of investors who support us in making digital luxury a reality! 

Exclusible NFT collection 

But that is not all. While we are busy developing our platform, loaded with nice features, we are also preparing the launch of our Exclusible NFT drop, which will be your key to entering the most exclusive, digital, and disruptive luxury club. The collection will consist of 4 different but interconnected 3D designs, with the same scarcity. 

The collection was planned as a membership card, issued by Exclusible, to offer benefits and rewards on all our future drops. We suggest that you stay tuned and pay attention as we have big surprises just around the corner.

Say hello to the new team members!

Then, our team of brilliant minds continues to grow non-stop! It has been our mission to build a team of talented professionals ready to write the next chapter on the future of luxury. We are pleased to share with you the latest additions:

We welcome the wonderful Ivan Bascle as one of Exclusible’s new advisors! Ivan is a Senior Partner and Managing Director with over 22 years at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He sits on BCG’s Global Leadership team in charge of Partner Performance. Ivan is specialized in large-scale transformations, with a focus on digital transformation, Advanced Analytics, and AI. 

In addition to Ivan, we opened our doors to a leading voice and expert in fashion tech, Geoffrey Perez, Global Head of Luxury of Snap Inc., who joined Exclusible as an Advisor. Geoffrey has always been passionate about Luxury, Fashion, and Tech, and he brings 15 years of media and digital experience with players such as Yahoo. 

Finally, in mid-September, we welcomed a new digital fairy and luxury marketing expert in our team. We present to you: Sara Teixeira, who brings her expertise and strategic vision to the team. A true futurist, Sara was Editor-in-Chief of a trend report focused on the Future of Luxury Fashion, where she worked with brilliant professionals from Vogue Business, TikTok, Galeries Lafayette, The Fabricant among many others! Sara now joins Exclusible as Content Marketing & Future Insights Manager (yes, I’m the one who wrote all the nice things about me – judge me).

Thank you amazing community!

In addition to all these cool things, with each passing day, we are getting closer to the community and engaging on all our platforms! We believe that writing the future of digital luxury is not an easy task and that it is not possible to do it alone. This is why we include our community every step of the way, and greatly value your feedback. Let’s build the most amazing platform together!

Thank you for being on our side and for following our news and updates. Stay tuned because the future is not that far away.

See you in a Community Update next month. 

Please join our growing community on Discord, Telegram, Twitter or Insta, where the magic happens!

About the Author

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Sara is an expert in digital luxury with professional experience in startups related to fashion and technology, Sara has worked with brilliant professionals from Vogue Business, TikTok, Galeries Lafayette, The Fabricant, among many others equally surprising to understand the future of the luxury fashion industry and emerging trends.