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August was a good month! – Community Update

While most of you are reading this email from a pool, a beach, or under an exotic sun, our team has been extremely busy building the future of luxury …. We are happy to sacrifice few weeks of our holidays to work on what we think is the greatest revolution of the decade for traditional collectors, Millennials, luxury brands and GenZ !

Here is a summary of what we have been working on those last weeks :

We have been featured in Vogue Business !

Amazing article from Maghan McDowell featuring the most promising NFT platforms ! Exclusible is in good position and above Christie’s !

Read the article here!

Exclusible launched it’s first Meebits NFT exhibition !

Like CryptoPunks & Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits is a luxury brand! Our 3D immersive exhibition has been an enormous success, we are actually in the top trending on ! We are planning to create many more showrooms with even greater NFTs in the future!

Discover our Meebits NFTs exhibit here. 
Learn about Exclusible & Metaverse

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We are sending one of you into space !

Exclusible is launching an incredible contest featuring a never-seen prize!
To celebrate Exclusible’s platform launch later this year, we are going to airdrop 1000 collectible alphabet letters in different airdrop events over 2021 and 2022 or until one lucky person completes the collection.
The first person to collect “E X C L U S I B L E” is automatically eligible to go to Space! (All participants are subject to T&C compliance).
On our last drop, 211 people visited simultaneously on the 5th of August at 5PM UK time.
Less than 10 min later, the 250th letter E of E X C L U S I B L E was claimed.

It’s not over, everyone still has a chance, register your email today :

We signed a partnership with OVR — Over the Reality

OVR and Exclusible will explore a collaboration across a number of metaverse dimensions, including wearables (e.g., watches, digital fashion), land (e.g., NFT showcasing, gallery, events /exhibitions), and AR wallet, allowing broader visibility of Exclusible’s NFTs. Both teams are also exploring synergies in terms of gamification (e.g., treasure hunt, airdrops).

More details about the partnership in here.

Our social media channels are pumping

We have been hyper-active on social awareness and we saw a huge increase of interest coming from Twitter, Discord and our Website :

  • Exclusible Discord Server : +32,60%
  • Email subscriber (like you) : +34,44%
  • Twitter followers : +255,24%
  • LinkedIn Followers (mostly Investors looking for the next Unicorn) : +11,38%
  • Medium Fans : +52,38%
  • Instagram Followers : +29,00%

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