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The Post-COVID-19 Era : Mobile & AR Events

The world is changing and luxury brands have to change with it. There was a time when the only way to witness the launch of a new luxury item was to be present physically at the launching event. However, time is changing, and as many brands will find out, physical events are not the only way to launch items anymore.

In fact, the way we have it now, users do not have to necessarily be present physically at an event to attend it. Moreover, the world is moving towards virtual events and virtual attendance with the help of innovative mobile applications. Exclusible can help luxury brands navigate this new world as the platform is built specifically for luxury and armed with the necessary tools that luxury brands need to connect to their clients.

Virtual events and attendance are the raves right now and reports have it that around 87% of event hosts are looking towards Augmented Reality events and about 88% looking towards Virtual Reality events. This is understandable since most of the present generation, Millennials and Gen Z are often on their mobile devices.

It is reported that the number of unique mobile devices is around 5.11 billion. Among the over 4500 luxury clients surveyed across countries like Japan, France, the USA, Italy, and Hong Kong, an overwhelming majority (93%) use social media applications regularly. The increased access to the mobile web is allowing users to be free of the confines of physical events enabling them to attend from virtually anywhere in the world through mobile applications.

Photo by Joyce Busola on Unsplash

As luxury shopping now takes place mostly online, physically attending events may soon become old-fashioned in the face of AR and VR. That is why luxury brands have to adapt quickly to capture consumer love with events that reflect this new reality. The Metaverse has the capacity to bring physical events closer to your clients through their mobile.

Turning in-store events into something accessible from the confines of your clients’ mobile application requires serious creativity. However, with a platform like Exclusible dedicated exclusively to the luxury segment, there are several tools to help luxury brands shine in this new reality.

Where physical events create a feeling of importance, and most times a day events, being able to access these events from the comfort of mobile devices can capture the imagination of millennials and Gen Z shoppers that often have a different taste to the older generation. It can even provide a new experience for traditional luxury collectors.

Exclusible can help luxury brands define how the luxury experience should be in a virtual world like the Metaverse. Luxury brands that can master this world will be able to connect with even their passive customers and create a positive customer perception in the mind of their consumers.

Luxury brands like Burberry and Louis Vuitton are already creating interactions with a memorable experience by immersing users in an alternative reality with the help of technologies like VR and AR. A new reality where users’ pleasurable experiences are enriched.

A reality that Exclusible understands quite well.

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