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Exclusible Magic

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Exclusible Vision 

Exclusible is a premium platform where  Luxury Brands can sell their NFTs to a community of collectors and fans.

We are convinced that the progressive migration of our social life to the Metaverse will only accelerate. In an era of conscious consumerism, and overall saturation, the Metaverse opens vast opportunities for Luxury Brands to develop a new business segment around digital assets and connect with an entire new generation of users.

We are on a mission to help them enter this new market, while providing fans with a reference marketplace to purchase, trade, and showcase NFTs issued by Luxury brands.

In essence, Exclusible sits at the intersection of Luxury, and 3 generation-defining trends: gaming, blockchain and metaverse.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are digital assets represented as photos, videos, and/or audio. NFTs are one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital assets that are traded on blockchain technology while providing an unbreakable proof of ownership.

NFTs can be transferred between users without a third-party. NFTs create a degree of scarcity on the internet, where most things currently exist in infinite supply.

How does an NFT work? NFTs are recorded on blockchain technology, a decentralized public ledger that records transactions.

The asset’s digital file is then minted as an NFT and recorded on the blockchain, making it easy to verify ownership and trade NFTs. There is only one holder of each NFT at any given time & as they are secured by the Ethererum blockhain and all transactions are traceable.

What We Offer

Exclusible ambitions to be the “Net-a-porter” of NFTs. We offer a safe destination for brands and users to explore, buy and sell luxury NFTs.

Luxury’s premier NFT e-retailer –  A platform for minting NFTs issued by premium brands. A secondary marketplace, for authentic certified NFTs An elevated experience aligned with Luxury standards. Focus on Cars, Watches, Fashion and Jewelry.

The Community for collectors – Share and interact with like-minded collectors on the platform, while showing their collection through social media (eg. Instagram)

Enabler of brands’ client engagement – An opportunity for brands to engage and reward clients through a new medium: NFTs with a utility (e.g., events invitation, pre-sale access, unlockable premium content…)

Why now? 

The question is: Why not now? The timing is right, the brands appear ready to switch from in-house POCs to public involvement with NFTs, in line with overall market growth. In fact, the NFT total market capitalization has been increasing substantially over the past few years, making it now a true place for investment for many luxury brands.

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NFT Market & The Metaverse Opportunities 

NFT technology unlocks an immense potential for creating unique digital assets. Imagination is the limit. NFTs have already spread through sports, culture, music and media and is now seen as the main stage for the luxury market.

NFTs are now known as the gateway to metaverse opportunities! Brands started developing experiences, NFTs and digital products on various platforms, to tap into the gaming community and expose their brands to new audiences.

Some highly successful examples include:

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Utilities linked to NFTs

Through NFTs, brands can develop tailored CRM and Reward initiatives, which can only be redeemed by the NFT’s holder. 

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Benefits: Brand Engagement

Through NFTs, Exclusible provide brands with new ways and spaces to engage with their clients – 5 main avenues may be considered and combined between them.

  1. Utility & brand experience

Exclusive content or services, accessible only by NFT owner – e.g., invitation to events, AMAs with designer, access to pre-sale – beyond simple collectibles, and towards NFTs as vehicle for brand experience

  1. Rewards to patrons

NFTs as rewards (e.g., airdropped) to loyal customers, allowing them to demonstrate publicly their level of connection / intimacy with the brand

  1. Communities of brand fans

NFTs as access keys to closed (sub-)communities of NFT owners, where they can engage with like-minded individuals about their shared passion for a certain brand – in which NFTs are a way for true fans to recognize themselves

  1. Space for creativity & engagement

NFTs as a new, versatile medium, allowing brands to express themselves in a very creative way, incl. through collaborations, and an opportunity to leverage the economic potential of NFTs towards certain causes (e.g., Givenchy)

  1. Access to certain demographics

NFTs currently resonate particularly within younger, urban generations, e.g. Gen-Z, esp. in Western countries – a key demographic for luxury brands to understand and address

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Client Segments

Initial (bootstrap) segment

  • Population of “crypto-first” collectors, already owning NFTs, and comfortable in handling tools like Ledger, Metamask, etc.
  • Most often own a significant (>$20-30k) amount of cryptocurrency and will generally allocate 10-30% of their crypto net worth to NFTs
  • Majority adopts a “buy what you like” approach (vs. pure speculative approach), while keeping an eye on secondary price evolution
  • Will often display their NFTs as avatar / background on Twitter, Discord. Tend to price their investments in ETH

Target broader segment

  • Clients of physical luxury goods. Predominantly female.
  • Buys Luxury goods to feel good, signal wealth and social status. Luxury Goods as (a) storage of value or (b) superior quality products are not the primary purchase drivers.
  • Avid users of technologies to amplify social recognition and engage with brands: Insta, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitch
  • Expect luxury brands to provide elevated experiences, pre and post-purchase. Sophisticated CRM programs are key drivers of loyalty and repurchase.
  • Will require (a) simplicity of use to buy NFTs (Fiat vs Crypto) and (b) education on the utilities and benefits.
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Our differentiating factors

We are an NFT marketplace dedicated and focused on the luxury segment

We are brand advocates. Our deep understanding of luxury will allow us to protect our brand partners image, positioning and equity.

Our objective is to democratize the NFT market. We will start with crypto-enthusiasts, but ultimately target traditional luxury consumers.

Another goal is to build and create a Community of passionate collectors and last but not least, we will be known as the pioneering stance on development of utility NFTs.

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The brilliants minds behind Exclusible 

We have an amazing and fascinating team behind our disruptive and permium platform. We work every day to redesign and rewrite the future of digital luxury and every day that passes means we are one day closer. 

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