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Exclusible Monthly Community Update

The Alpha NFT Collection just flew from our platform in less than 48 hours!

We couldn’t start this monthly community update without mentioning the giant success of our Alpha Collection. In less than 48 hours, all Alphas flew from our platform and found new homes near their owners. This huge success resulted in the sale of 3,000 NFTs which generated approximately 570 ETH which corresponds to 2.4 million US dollars in sales.

Since the beginning, the goal of the Alpha drop has always been first and foremost to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury and willing to take part in building the Farfetch of Luxury NFTs. Therefore, the collection works as a membership card and at the moment there are more than 1,200 Alpha NFT owners who have joined the NFT club and are now one step closer to reshaping the new reality of digital luxury. However, the Alpha success doesn’t stop here. Theia is on its way! 

What is Theia?

Theia is the Titan goddess who endowed gold and silver with their brilliance and intrinsic value. Described as a daughter of Heaven and mother of the Sun, Moon, and Dawn, she is also the mother of sight and light-beaming sun; her eyes emitted a beam of light that allowed one to see whatever was touched by her light.

As always, there is a clear connection between NFTs and art and for Exclusible this could not be an exception. We developed Theia to congratulate and thank all those who completed the Alpha set and have an Alpha of each color corresponding to each vertical. Now some of the lucky and VIP owners can mint their special and unique NFT on our official platform!

Olivier Moingeon is taking Exclusible to luxury stages!

In addition to all this wonderful news in the field of NFTs, our Chief of Commercial Officer, Olivier Moingeon is increasingly stepping into luxury stages to share our mission and purpose in reinventing the industry. With a brilliant NFT.CON presence talking about everything related to NFTs and luxury, just a few days later our CCO was invited to an HSBC Global Research conference focused on the Future Consumer to talk about emerging markets and the future of luxury brands.

However, the journey did not stop there. In addition to these incredible invitations, our Mr Luxury gave a talk about the future of luxury at Parsons NYC and more recently a lecture at ESADE Business School about Web 3.0 and the future of luxury for executive students.

Exclusible at WebSummit 2021!

After a truly atypical year, WebSummit once again invaded the biggest stages in Portugal and invited thousands of visitors from all over the world to a unique business event. Altogether, there were more than 700 speakers, who shared and pitched their ideas about the future at the event. Exclusible was one of the companies invited to step onto the stage and share our mission and purpose in digitizing the luxury industry. Entrepreneurs, executive members, investors, experts and disruptive startups spoke at different stages and continued to surprise with their ideas, making WebSummit 2021 an event marked by unparalleled originality and innovation.

From lectures and speeches from the most diverse areas, Exclusible marked its place in the world of crypto, luxury and Web 3.0. There were four days full of knowledge sharing, connections and, above all, complete immersion of what is currently on the market. Some of the startups that caught our attention were Texel.Moda and Drive Mays. Texel is a global tech company pioneering unique AI body measuring and fit solutions. During the days of the event, some team members approached us and showed us their 3D body-scanning capabilities, online fitting room and clothing size calculator technology. In addition to fashion, we’ve discovered a unique supercar company. However, these weren’t normal supercars. These were superhero cars. With the positioning “Superheroes deserve super,” Mays intends to launch in the next few years an electric car that combines speed, strength and a very futuristic style. These were just two of the countless startups that we know will make a difference in the future of the industry.

Now the big question is: How important and recognized is the NFT market on WebSummit?

NFTs on WebSummit – How are the terms related?

As expected, this year there were a greater number of companies related to gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and, of course, NFTs. However, despite a high adoption amongst digital manufacturing companies, there is still a long way to go in terms of the audience understanding the role and importance of NFTs in the future of various industries.

That is where Exclusible comes in. In addition to being invited to speak on the main stage, Exclusible had the right to a booth where it spent long hours explaining its mission, purpose and roadmap for the future. However, the big day was, without a doubt, November 4th when our CEO and founder Thibault Launay spoke on the main stage and explained how Exclusible will be the next Farfetch of digital assets. How are we going to do this? Thibault explained easily and in a very uncomplicated way in his pitch on the main stage:

“Today 95% of the volume is OpenSea, but we look at OpenSea like an Ebay platform. And the same way luxury brands would never sell luxury items on eBay, we also think they would never sell NFTs on OpenSea. We identified this gap in the market and decided to create Exclusible – the Farfetch of the luxury NFTs.”

Thibault Launay at WebSummit 2021

In addition to clearly positioning us as the marketplace for luxury NFTs, our CEO also spoke of the successful launch of our Alpha NFT Collection and ended his fantastic and courageous pitch by stating that in the next three years all luxury brands will have their own digital asset. For some it may seem crazy and unthinkable, but for us it is nothing less than the #future.

These are our latest news and please stay tuned for upcoming surprises!


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