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Exclusible partners with Property’s to bring curated luxury experiences to the Metaverse

Luxury NFT platform Exclusible has entered a partnership with metaverse real estate company Property’s.

Marking a new era of collaboration, both companies work on bridging the appeal of prestigious brands with immersive digital worlds.

The partnership will enable Exclusible to offer a ground-breaking shopping experience to luxury aficionados from all around the world.

Given the undeniable effect that the pandemic is currently having on companies across all sectors, retailers have been faced with the pressure of adapting to the “new normal” of consumer expectations. With the accelerated shift to e-commerce many retailers have been confronted with new challenges and a seemingly ever-growing audience of consumers.

Particularly luxury companies have been exposed to both a wider market and an increased demand for their products as non-essential spending peaks to record highs. Consumers expect an elevated omni-channel experience that puts emphasis on seamless checkouts, personalization, and direct interaction with their favorite brands.

With big tech, consumer brands and celebrities moving to Web3 as the new frontier of digitalization, NFTs and Metaverses have recently seen unprecedented attention as an alternative way of buying, owning, and experiencing goods and services digitally.

“NFTs offer humanity a new medium to self-expression in a virtual setting. Luxury item owners are exposed to a wider audience and are not bound to any physical limitations to displaying their latest purchase to the world. We are experiencing a fascinating shift to digital identities becoming increasingly important in both the Metaverse and the real-world.”

Konrad Probst, CEO of Property’s

By entering a strategic partnership Exclusible and Property’s collaborate to enable the world’s most prestigious luxury brands to create a very compelling sales channel. Metaverse interactions are immersive and direct by nature, which gives brands a wide spectrum of creative freedom that previously has been reserved for physical showrooms, boutiques, and ateliers. The appeal of a Metaverse showroom experience is deepened by the almost limitless variability and the velocity in which brands can implement new concepts.

“Exclusible is at the crossroads of 3 segments: Luxury, Gaming and Metaverse. We are on the precipice of a brand-new world and we are excited to drive innovation with Metaverse and Web3. It’s only the beginning of our partnership and I hope in the next few months we will be able to organize events in galleries, open Exclusible stores, and organize fashion shows in the Metaverse.”

Thibault Launay, CEO of Exclusible

While Sandbox is the first flagship Metaverse that the collaboration is taking place in, Property’s founding team is already building out interoperability. This way digital goods can contextually be presented and experienced across multiple Metaverses.

“Our team places a lot of focus on brand contextualization. Every brand tells a unique story to a very specific and carefully curated clientele. Our task is to translate the prestige and heritage of the luxury houses associated with our partners into the digital worlds we are building for them. We want a wide audience to be exposed to the brands and their items while maintaining the exclusivity that is inherent to the luxury segment.”

Konrad Probst, CEO of Property’s

Exclusible’s flagship boutiques and showrooms on Property’s Sandbox world will be opened to the public with the official release of Sandbox in March 2022. Read more about Property’s here.


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