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Exclusible raises €2.2M to launch global luxury NFT Platform

Exclusible is building the future of Luxury

Lisbon, August 31, 2021 — Exclusible, a platform of digital goods tailored towards luxury brands, allowing customers to buy, trade, and showcase exclusive branded NFTs, has announced the closing of its 2.2M Euros Seed round.

Tioga Capital, White Star Capital, and Indico Capital Partners co-led the round, with a participation from Shilling, and were joined by several business angels, including Formula E drivers’ champion António Félix da Costa and driver Mitch Evans through APEX Capital — allowing the company to prepare the platform for launch in Q4 this year.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens — a means of registering on blockchain to certify a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Exclusible has recognized a demand for luxury brands to occupy this space as more crypto-enthusiasts, collectors and increasingly the general public that buys luxury products, seek to invest in exclusive digital items, whose provable scarcity is guaranteed by the blockchain. NFTs have recently demonstrated a strong surge in demand, with over $1.2B sales in July — equivalent to almost half of the sales volume witnessed during the first half of 2021.

Once purchased, an NFT can be displayed in the user’s gallery (including through AR/VR), shared on social platforms, or sold on a secondary market. The goal is to attract both NFT enthusiasts and traditional luxury buyers, so users can pay with both cryptocurrency and regular fiat means of payment such as credit cards. Inspired by the aggregator model of luxury marketplaces like Net-a-porter or Farfetch, Exclusible ambitions to become the go-to platform for digital luxury.

“We are convinced that a progressive migration of our digital social life to the Metaverse will happen, and that traditional brands will want to be present in this space. That will be especially true for the Luxury industry, given the importance of their brand equity,” said Thibault Launay, co-founder, CEO and a very experienced NFT collector himself.

“We are on a mission to help brands make the switch to the Metaverse, while providing collectors with a reference marketplace to purchase, trade, and showcase NFTs issued by Luxury brands,” said Romain Girbal, co-founder.

“Every economy is built around scarcity. Now with NFTs any digital file can be a scarce asset which suddenly opens the possibility for truly digitally native economies. We believe Thibault and the stellar team at Exclusible have found a unique positioning in this market by focusing on luxury — where scarcity is paramount to the offering. We are looking forward to further partner with the team in this growth journey ahead of us”, said Nicolas Priem, Managing Director at Tioga Capital.

Users of the platform will be incentivised with gamification and social elements allowing them to share their NFTs and build a community around brands. Exclusible has signed letters of intent with high-end designers and is in discussions with a number of luxury brands.

About Exclusible

Exclusible is a premium platform for digital collectible assets in the luxury sector. With Exclusible, collectors can get access to limited-edition NFTs and experiences issued by the world’s most desirable luxury brands across 4 verticals: supercars, watches, fashion and jewellery. Exclusible is the leading partner of brands on NFTs, enabling them to engage with collectors and fans, and creating collections and experiences across the digital and physical worlds.

For more information, contact the team : [email protected]

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