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Introducing Exclusible Alpha NFTs Collection

Punks, Rocks, Apes, and now Exclusible Alpha NFT drop

Digital collectibles are taking over the NFT market in a big way. The month of August was quite important and powerful in NFT sales with many NFT projects old and new generating billions of dollars. In the 24 hours of September 8, 37,754 NFTs were sold worth a whopping $89.7M.

So many projects, new and old here and there springing up but, the question is: How many will live up to the early expectations set by the likes of CyptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and the rest? 

But first things first. Before we start telling you how successful the Exclusible NFT collection is going to be, let’s take a look at the huge impact the NFT world has had lately in the market. Let’s use the Bored Ape project as an example. NFT collectors have gone crazy about this collection, which is a collection of NFTs portraying bored apes in different kinds of facial expressions. Just to know how hot NFT such as Bored Apes is in the market, one Bored Ape was recently sold for $2.25M worth of Ethereum. According to CryptoSlam, the whole collection traded for over $400M of total volume.

When it comes to NFTs, you either have them as art, music, digital collectibles, utility tokens, etc. It is rare to see an NFT that combines two categories into one. That is exactly what Exclusible is doing with its Genesis NFT- a collectible that doubles as a utility token. 

That is an exciting project that could scatter set expectations and create new milestones when it is finally launched in October. Recently, the Exclusible platform raised €2.2M to launch its global luxury NFT platform in rounds co-led by TiogaCapital, WhiteStarCap, and IndicoCapital alongside ShillingCapital. That is a sign of an NFT platform that is not here to joke around but, to make a difference. 

Exclusible Alpha NFT Collection

Close your eyes, imagine a collection of NFTs that can give you access to incredible and special benefits. Now, open your eyes and you don’t need to dream anymore, because, in just a few days, it will be reality. The Exclusible NFT Collection is on its way!

The collection consists of membership cards produced by Exclusible to give the NFT holder a certain level of rewards and utility in the future. How will this work? Simple. When you buy the Exclusible NFT collectible, it doubles as a membership card that grants specific benefits as a holder. There are not many NFT collectibles that can do that, right?

The Exclusible NFTs drop itself is an art that comes in 5 different types of which 4 are randomly minted and of different designs with equal scarcity. The 5th design will be a separate NFT only available as an airdrop to those that we’re able to secure each of the 4 NFTs.

The designs could come in different styles from simple but appealing 3D objects to many other exquisite designs. 

An NFT collectible with utility = Thank you Exclusible! 

What is the greatest utility that Exclusible NFT drop offers? Offers owners the possibility to pre-register ahead of drops from luxury brands that they may be interested in and also if they want to secure an allocation ahead of the drop by random selection.

That is not all! Owning the Exclusible NFT grants you access to a private Discord channel with other collectors. Who is on this channel? We can’t tell you, but who knows if you end up in the same chat rooms as some of the most popular celebrities in the world.

Furthermore, you get access to future airdrops, possible redemption of physical Exclusible-branded items that could contain RFID chips with a link towards the owner’s Exclusible gallery. Besides, some NFT collections may also be fully allocated to Exclusible NFTs’ owners as a reward and way to prop up the value of their tokens.

How will Exclusible drop the Alpha NFT collection?

The Exclusible Alpha NFTs will be available for sale at a fixed price on the official website. 

Also, those that are holders of Exclusible letters after participating in the EXCLUSIBLE letter airdrop will get pre-access to the minter before the public sale begins.

The drop will follow the NFT market sentiment at the time, which will determine the amount that will be dropped out of the total amount of the Exclusible NFTs. The beauty about all this is that holding the Exclusible NFT grants special privileges, which include membership that grants a « fast lane » first access to future minted NFT from some of the world’s premier brands. 

Want more proof that better NFT doesn’t exist? The Exclusible NFT collection will be the key to the biggest and most desired digital luxury club of all time. 

You don’t want to be left out, do you? So join our Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram, and log in to the coolest (and rich) luxury club!