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Luxury NFTs Drops


Since the beginning, the goal of the Alpha drop has always been first and foremost to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury and willing to take part in building the Farfetch of Luxury NFTs. The collection works as a membership card and therefore, Alpha holders would have incredible and unmissable benefits for future releases with major luxury brands. There are about 1200 Alpha NFT owners who have joined the NFT club and are one step closer to reshaping the new reality of digital luxury.


The Alpha NFT Collection was just the beginning of something much bigger to come. In less than 48 hours Exclusible reached about 570 ETH which corresponds to 2.4 million US dollars in sales of 3,000 NFTs. This amount will be allocated towards building the upcoming platform (target launch date in November) and hiring new talent to reinforce the Exclusible 12-strong team.


The Alpha Collection offers a wide range of privileges for all future drops. In essence, Exclusible is building a private community for the holders of its Alpha NFTs. Some of the utilities include Members-only drops: some future-branded NFT collections will be reserved for Exclusible members (i.e., holders of Alpha NFTs), with no public sale. In addition, Alpha NFT holders will enjoy access to Exclusible private discord channels dedicated to NFT collectors and will have the opportunity to take part in the creative process around some of future collections. On top of all this, the Alpha NFT Collection will bring unmissable airdrops, unique rewards and much more to the game!