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Metaverse & Exclusible – The Playbook


The team at Exclusible doesn’t sit still.

While we’re building our new luxury brand NFT platform for launch we’re already thinking ahead – how to give what we offer more utility and fun for the collector and how we want to create our own entry into the Metaverse with what we do. Our NFTs are unique digital assets and can represent items such as 3D objects, shoes, clothing, jewellery, photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital goods that our prestige brand partners want to explore with us. It’s the reason why the demand for luxury brands to occupy this space has become huge for crypto-enthusiasts and collectors seeking to invest in exclusive and premium items.

At the simplest level, once a collector purchases one of our NFTs they can be displayed in a personal gallery shared on social platforms or sold on a secondary market. But we want to deliver more. To enable a richer and more rewarding experience for collectors of NFTs Exclusible’s long term strategy is to develop and integrate our platform and NFTs into a fully realised Metaverse vision – allowing for a complete, immersive and virtualised end-to-end engagement that shifts the NFT from being one of collectable art to one of utility.

The Metaverse represents an evolution of the current World Wide Web – moving from a 2D browsing environment to a 3D immersive experience. Immersion can take the forms of an augmented reality filter or overlay using a mobile device or pair of enabled glasses, to a fully rendered virtual world environment that a user can move through and interact with – for example, a museum or art gallery, a car showroom, a luxury good store or even a whole world based on your favourite brand. The idea is to create a space similar to the internet, but one where users with the aid of digital avatars can walk around and interact with one another in real-time.

Exclusible’s approach is to look at what the metaverse is composed of and define a strategy to take advantage of it, moving towards building layers of engagement for enthusiasts and collectors that take them on a journey.

What could that journey look like? We see a number of immersive experiences being a key part of the strategy, which could include one, some or all of the below listed (this isn’t an exhaustive list, after all, we want to keep some of what we have planned a surprise!):

  • Augmented Reality

Snapchat/ AR Filters

QR Codes

Movie/ Music/ Celebrity Access

  • Virtual Reality

Virtual Galleries

Community Showrooms

  • Metaverse

Branded Metaverse Experiences

An Exclusible Metaverse

More….a lot more!

Let’s take a look at what we can do with Augmented Reality filters as an initial exploration.

While typical NFTs are just representations of art pieces, goods, clothing or moments in time (like images or videos), augmented reality NFTs include AR elements and cues, such as the ability to visualise digital objects in your environment or on your face/body. 3D NFTs go one step further where digital objects can also be visualised using AR or other technology. In other words, we can turn our NFTs into immersive experiences that can be shared via AR-enabled websites or apps such as TikTok, Snap and other social networks.

We want to develop the option to leverage Snapchat and higher-end smartphones equipped with LIDAR to allow enthusiasts and collectors to try on clothing, glasses, purses, watches and jewellery virtually with camera lens technology that detects and responds to body movements and facial dimensions. So, when an NFT is bought from a prestige brand an option would be for us to include an augmented reality variant that allows users to ‘virtually’ wear the item or view how it would look on their person using an AR filter. A further option would be to show the item in the real world through a smartphone/ tablet screen on a surface or in the open air, either static or animated. Both options offer limited interaction but allow the collector to show their friends and family how the NFTs experience can be enhanced.

We view this as the most basic form of interaction for NFT collectors and the first step towards building a metaverse presence for Exclusible.

Other engagement options can include –

  • voice and gesture-controlled filters (for example, “dance for me”, “I want to buy that”,  show my collection”)
  • integration to existing e-commerce/ brand experiences, leading to a physical purchased item of the NFT displaying new, suggested, or related NFTs for purchase in the Exclusible marketplace

In the case of luxury smartwatch brands, for example, TAG Connected, Michael Kors Access, Armani, and LVMH Tambour the ability to purchase an NFT then overlay an augmented filter to show a new one-of-a-kind watch face which then downloads and enables it in real-time on the watch would add a unique brand feature which is not currently on the market. Exclusible, with our brand partners, could explore this to deliver unique experiences far beyond traditional NFT marketplaces.

This is just the beginning for us at Exclusible. We want to deliver to you not only unique, collectible NFTs from the World’s best brands but also the immersive experiences to match.

This is just the first chapter of many chapters on Exclusible and Metaverse. We are the intersection between luxury and technology. We are the bridge between the present and the future.

Keep an eye out for more insights because: the future is just around the corner.


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