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NFT artists of the week

NFT Artist Of The Week #1

We thought it is about time we introduce something new to our ever-growing community. So, we decided that every week we will be talking about an NFT artist whose works have dominated the week in the marketplace. By bringing the artists closer to the community, we feel it can deepen the connection of our community with NFT and allow people to appreciate NFT at its best.

For the first edition of this segment, we selected Rarible as the point of call to select the NFT artist whose works have exceeded expectations. Browsing through the Rarible marketplace, JimmyD was our choice as the NFT artist of the week. His NFT works have dominated the market for the last full week of August raking in about $155,438 in sales from NFTs. It is time to introduce our NFT artist of the week.

According to his Bio on Rarible, JimmyD is an award-winning illustrator and creative director who has directed, consulted and illustrated some of the most successful brands for organizations like Nickelodeon, RandomHouse, The BBC, Unilever, among others. He is a published illustrator for Puffin children’s books. Additionally, he is a creative partner at the Lion Brewery Co and founder of the Blackmoon Studio. His works have earned him raves in the industry.

Some of his works on sale right now include:

With PRINT – The Golden Bridge – Danang #2/10

This NFT is limited to just 10 copies in addition to the Digital Giclee Artist Print signed by Jimmy himself. Buying directly from the artist will get you Limited Edition – Digital Giclee Artist Print and the picture file.

Singapore – A View of the Impossible

This NFT is about the wonders of Singapore, in particular the iconic Marina Bay Sands. The artist believes this NFT piece brings “an overwhelming sense of pride and awe, inspiring everyone that dreams can happen.”

Dubai & the King of Sports

This NFT art shines the light on the sports side of Dubai away from the architecture, luxuries, and power that Dubai is known for. It captures the essence of Dubai in a sport reserved for the greats.

Some of his other works include #RARE# CASETTE to DIGITAL, To the Moon – LANDscape #UNIQUE, SKULL HEAD, Happy Birdy, Attack of the flying Sauce Pans, GHOSTIE, among others.

NFTs are fast becoming the way artists express, own, and market their creativity to the world. NFT provides a means to authenticate their works, which is the hallmark of Non-Fungible Tokens. Apart from that, NFTs allow artists to gain recognition for their artwork while making money off them.

Similarly, Exclusible wants to establish a means for luxury brands to express, own, and market their luxury NFTs to their clients. The platform will also allow luxury brands to connect with their clients through these NFTs. Luxury collectors can now own luxury NFTs from their cherished luxury brands on a platform meant exclusively for Luxury NFTs.

This rounds up our piece on the NFT artist of the week. Join us next week as we present the next NFT rising star.

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