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Exclusible & OVR

OVR and, announce Strategic Partnership to merge physical and virtual worlds through AR/VR, the first e-retailer for digital collectible assets in the luxury sector (supercars, watches, fashion, jewellery), today announced a partnership with, a decentralized platform for geolocalized AR/VR experiences.

OVR and Exclusible will explore a collaboration across a number of metaverse dimensions, including wearables (e.g., watches, digital fashion), land (e.g., NFT showcasing, gallery, events /exhibitions), and AR wallet, allowing broader visibility of Exclusible’s NFTs. Both teams are also exploring synergies in terms of gamification (e.g., treasure hunt, airdrops).

Exclusible plans to leverage OVR’s technology to connect the world’s leading luxury brands to OVRLand’s digital metaverse. OVR is a decentralized platform for geolocalized Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, with a vision to merge the physical and the virtual world through AR. OVR allows users to build, host, and visualize AR/VR experiences that are customized to specific geographic locations.

This is accomplished by OVR dividing the digital world into 300 sqm hexagons called OVRLands, which each represent actual physical geographic locations. Each OVRLand is tokenized using the ERC-721 NFT standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The owner of each OVRLand NFT can assign the AR visual experience for the specific geographic location that their NFT represents.

What if we could export any NFTs of Exclusible into OVRLand NFTs? What if your avatar would wear a watch bought on Exclusible, or even drive a supercar within the OVR decentralized metaverse?

Here is where Exclusible comes into play, allowing diferent AR/VR experiences in the OVR ecosystem.

In the future, we anticipate using a variety of possible integrations. Let’s break down some concrete examples on how Exclusible could collaborate with OVR.

Imagine having AR/VR experiences such as:

  • An avatar wearing a 3D watch bought on Exclusible
  • A supercar NFT visible on the Eiffel Tower, or an avatar be able to drive a supercar on your land
  • AR in-game tokens unlocked if a threshold amount of people are present in a location
  • An Exclusible airdrop using OVR treasure hunt technology
  • A fashion show organized by Exclusible on OVR
  • An auction organized by Exclusible on OVR
  • An auction of OVR lands on to reach a new audience
  • A dual auction, example buying a supercar NFT could give you the right to a land in Miami Beach
  • AR/VR experiences to shows Exclusible NFTs to your friends. You could be able to show the NFT of your supercar in your living room

These are just a few examples — we could create infinite types of interaction logic within the Exclusible/OVR metaverse — imagination is the only limit!

According to CEO Davide Cuttini, “Doing this partnership with Exclusible is only the first step in a much wider set of Exclusible-OVR integration possibilities that can redefine the entire AR/VR industry. We are excited to showcase the potential of combining NFTs with decentralized metaverses to create vibrant and interactive virtual.”

According to Thibault Launay, CEO of, “This is our first major partnership in the AR/VR space allowing us to add more utility to the NFTs we are selling on our platform, on top of existing utilities such as access to digital and physical events. We are pioneering the new digital frontier of luxury consumption. In less than 5 years, millions of people will be following this trend.”

About Exclusible

Exclusible is a premium e-retailer for digital collectible assets in the luxury sector. Through Exclusible, collectors gain access to limited-edition NFTs and experiences issued by the world’s most desirable luxury brands across 4 verticals: supercars, watches, fashion and jewellery. Exclusible is the leading partner of brands on NFTs, enabling them to engage with collectors and fans, and creating collections and experiences across the digital and physical worlds.

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OVR is a cutting-edge platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Anyone with a mobile device or smart glasses is able to have an interactive, augmented reality experience tailored to your current GPS position in the real world. OVR is setting a new standard in the augmented reality sector. Users can develop 3D content in the metaverse, own the space where it is hosted in the form of an NFT, and place it in any corresponding location in the world. This, is OVR.

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