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The Alpha Collection sold out in less than 48 hours!

We are delighted to announce that our Alpha Collection has sold out in less than 48 hours! This incredible achievement would not have been possible without YOU and for that, we want to thank the entire community that has been with us for some time and also the most recent members who have joined the Exclusible family through the Alpha Club!

Since the beginning, the goal of the Alpha drop has always been first and foremost to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury and willing to take part in building the Farfetch of Luxury NFTs. After these unexpected and exciting 48 hours, we can now say that 1200 Alpha NFT owners are one step closer to reshaping a new reality of digital luxury.

The Alpha NFT Collection was just the beginning of something much bigger to come. In under 48 hours, Exclusible raised 570 ETH ($2.4M) through this first drop. This amount will be allocated towards building our upcoming
platform (target launch date in November), and hiring new talent to reinforce our 12-strong team. Stay tuned, as we will be revealing important milestones in the coming weeks

Buy the Alpha Collection on

The public sale has sold out, but you can still purchase Alpha NFTs on from current holders. Secondary activity is soaring following the end of the minting period, as Exclusible has reached the #57 ranking in volume on OpenSea, with currently 117 ETH of total volume traded.

What’s next?

After the successful launch of the Alpha Collection, the Exclusible team will be fully working on accessing the 3D objects and AR features. Discord and community roles will also be reformulated, giving rise to the next challenges and new developments that are on the way. The company will continue to work on the platform and improve certain aspects that are important to the consumer experience and overall functionality. The platform will undergo major changes and upgrades in terms of insights and new research projects related to the luxury, metaverse, and NFTs areas.

On top of all this, Exclusible will be very busy next week taking the stage at WebSummit. However, never too busy to interact with our community. In the meantime, we will continue on this side, working hard to help our dear community and some of the biggest luxury brands enter the new era of digital luxury.

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